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No More Standing In Long Queues.

Online Fee Management System

Online Fee Payment is the most convenient and effortlessness of Fee Collection process. By introducing the latest technology in the schooling system adds value to the whole automation process for the Parents and Schools. Now days, it is most latest and smart way of payments globally. Online Fee Payment provides option to Parents to pay the Fees Online via various payment instruments like Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.


Feesclub’s online fee management system helps school administrators to generate invoice automatically with no paperwork to be done manually and hence is hassle-free and saves time for both management and the parents.

Pay Fee Online anytime - anywhere

No need to stand in long queues anymore with the online payment gateway as the app helps the parents to pay fee online from anywhere and anytime. Furthermore, it is hassle-free and easy to access with just one click.


The online fee payment gateway helps the school management to divide the fees among various classes with ease and manage it all hassle free without having to keep a reminder for the same every time during the fees collection process.

Love To Save time and money

This feature helps save time and money for both the parents and the school administrators. Payment can be done online from anywhere and anytime that helps save time and go paperless for the school admins.

Highly Trusted & Secure transactions

E-payment gateways are considered to be the safest in today’s date as it involves high end security from the server and school management, giving assurance to both guardians and the admins of secured payment transactions.

Advance Fee Payment

Online fee payment system allows parents to pay the fees for the whole academic year in advance or for a certain period of time in advance so as to save time and avoid monthly payment of fees.

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benefit for parent

Benefits For Parents

Feesclub’s online fee management system helps create a common gateway for the parents that can be easily accessible globally. It gives an easy access of payment using debit cards, credit cards, online banking and e-wallets. Moreover, internet payment mode is quite user-friendly too.

  • Assures data security and personal information of the parents data provided to school
  • Hassle free use of app with just a few clicks
  • Prevents fraud and theft of money or data as everything is handled online
  • Cashless payment transactions with ease with debit/credit cards or e-wallets
  • Real-time transactions and fee payment from anywhere
  • Saves time as parents need not go to school physically and stand in long queues
  • Class wise distribution of fees making it easy for parents with more than one child
  • Secured user login with security process like OTP or Security Question
  • Immediate invoice generation online with instant notification and bill sent in email
  • Facility to pay fees in advance to avoid hassle of monthly fee payment for parents

Benefits For School

Online fee management system helps school management to go paperless and cashless with online payment transactions. Direct payment to the bank account of school makes it easier for the school administration to manage fee transaction and later on handle the staff payment with ease.

  • Effective communication of school admins with parents regarding timely fee payments
  • Complete automation of fee payment online with no hassles for school management
  • Enables school administrations to handle the payments online and go paperless
  • Easy calculations and classification of fees for each class
  • Details of every student and parents maintained about timely fees payment
  • Ease to prepare consolidated reports and manage the dashboard without any hassle
  • Manages and protects from fraud and theft as everything is cloud-based and online
  • Immediate invoice generation without any paperwork and send bill via email
  • Maintain a data of all fee transactions with history and records of every student
  • Authenticated and secured login for admins with assurance of data safety.
Benefit for school