Track Your Students/ Child’s Transport Route Hassle-Free

School Bus Tracking System

When it comes to offering transportation facility for school students, the thing that is needed to be considered prior is trust and safety. By providing access to customizable GPS enhanced school bus tracking system, parents, school administrators as well as the transport contracting agency can get updated with the route and time schedules of buses.

School-way Records

Feesclub’s Transport Tracking System provides a better communication of parents with school bus drivers and administrators. This helps them be ensured of their child’s safety of reaching the school in bus on time without facing any mishap on the way. The school also keeps a record of the names and addresses of the students traveling in the school bus for safety.

Vehicle Reports

School administrators can keep a check and prepare report on number of school buses, vehicle registration number, driver’s name, phone number and address, area the bus goes to pick the students, number of students, students list with complete details like name, address and parents phone number for emergencies.

Track bus location

School administrators and parents can track the movement of the buses from the pickup point to drop location. A child’s security matters the most to the parents and also for the school administrators, hence, the vehicle tracking system is GPS enhanced to help track the bus route, timings and schedule.

The Eye-Spotting Features

Awaits Avoided

Feesclub’s transport tracking system helps avoid delay or wait for the school bus with the accurate time and route tracking system.

GPS Integration

The school bus tracking system is integrated with GPS to know the exact location of the bus from the pickup point to the destination.

Manage bus
timing / Route

Parents and School Administrators can easily keep an eye on the school bus timings and route with just one click with its advanced GPS enabled tracking system.

Highly cost and time efficient

It saves a lot of time and money for both the guardians and school management as through tracking system they know the exact schedule of the school buses.

Benefits Of School Bus Tracking System

  • Compatible with Android phones and iPhones
  • Flexible software easily integrates with any GPS hardware
  • No need to buy a different tracking app
  • Assurance of security and safety of child with complete details noted about the driver
  • Cost effective and easily affordable
  • Accurate timings of the bus tracked easily
  • Complete details of students, pickup point, address etc.
  • Timely maintenance of vehicles to avoid accidents
  • Quick recovery of vehicles in case of theft
  • Keep an eye on bus route with just one click

Features of Tracking System

Feesclub’s transport tracking system saves money and time for both parents and the school management. It helps parents to track their child’s bus route, schedule, timing and exact location of travel from pickup point to destination ensuring of their child’s safety.

It is Tracking TimeTime To Try

Bus Tracking System

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Parent app for pick up and drop notification
The app gives a notification to the parents of the bus reaching the pickup point on time and their child’s returning time after school on drop time.
The app gives an alert notification to the parents about the arrival and departure timings from the pickup points so that they bring the children to the pickup point on time.
The school bus tracking system helps school administrators to maintain a report on trip type like daily pick and drop or school excursion etc.
School administrators can manage bus routes and through app it can send notification to all parents about the change in route, schedule or timings of the bus.